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Founded in 1920, Pinhais & Cia is a cannery in Matosinhos that remains faithful to a traditional method of production. Mojobrands was then challenged to create a set of activations during the year 2020 for the celebration of its centennial.


The communication plan set at the beginning of 2020 had to be revised throughout the year, due to the prevailing circumstances and the evolution of the pandemic, as many of the actions became unviable as they were defined. However, our purpose remained the same: to create a captivating experience for everyone involved, able to transmit the spirit lived within the company, the tradition and familiarity preserved for 100 years.

One of the main actions was the launch of the book about Pinhais’ centennial, and we were in charge of the concept development, editorial design, and contents. “100 years of History” is the concept behind the book that tells more than 40 stories, signed by different people who have made their mark on this journey – from the founding family to employees, to suppliers or customers – all of whom gave their testimony about the brand and about long-standing relationships with so much history behind them.

The event for stakeholders and customers was digitally adapted, in an attempt to make the action more special, without turning it into a mere video call. Therefore, days before the event, each guest received a kit with an invitation, a recipe, cooking tools and ingredients needed to make the recipe, including, of course, the Pinhais can.

Together with Chef Pedro Limão, we came up with a simple, Portuguese recipe that used Pinhais canned food and the solution was a response to all this: sardines à Brás, using canned sardines in spicy olive oil, the brand’s best-seller. The cooking of the recipe was recorded and, on the day of the virtual event, a fake live stream was held, in which the chef challenged all the attendees to follow and replicate the recipe.

In the video call there was also room for the Pinhais team to communicate and thank all the people involved and for everyone to congratulate and show all their affection for the centenary brand. The conference was attended by more than 50 people from the four corners of the world, since Pinhais exports 95% of its production to 27 markets. This action was also replicated with the employees of Glatz, the Austrian distributor that owns Pinhais since 2017.

As for the in-house event, the day had to be celebrated with the team, so highly appreciated by Pinhais. Following the concept “Without people, there is no Pinhais”, reinforcing the value and relevance of the internal staff to the company, we created a number of actions on the anniversary day to surprise all employees.

From a photographic exhibition of each of the team members around the factory, to Ricardo Couto’s animation and a special breakfast and lunch. At the end of the day there was still room for speeches and a slice of cake, making this day a milestone for all employees, always ensuring the safety of all involved.

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